Kingston HyperX Beast Black 16 GB 2133 C11 Memory Review

Kingston HyperX Beast Black 16 GB 2133 C11 Memory Review

Over the past several months, I’ve covered no less than four different kits from Kingston. All were sent to me shortly after Kingston’s HyperX brand celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Just as I finished work on the Predator review, Kingston asked whether I’d like to take a look at their new HyperX Black sticks, and I quickly said yes. What arrived on my doorstep, however, surprised me. Not only did I receive a Beast Black kit, but this one was also 16 GB in density with a default speed of 2133 MHz. What makes these sticks “Black” is the new black PCB that adorns many Kingston HyperX kits, but I, to be honest, expected a kit that closely resembled the 10th Anniversary Genesis sticks rather than the Beasts that were hidden behind the packaging’s logo. What happened when I unleashed them on my 3770K testbench? They just might have torn things up… at techPowerUp!