Fnatic miniSTREAK RGB Keyboard Review


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Fnatic miniSTREAK: Overview

The Fnatic miniSTREAK keyboard currently sells online for $99.99 (Best Buy). It comes in a high quality box with an illustration of the product along with its list of features.

Once we have the box open, we can see the keyboard is not wrapped inside of any sort of protective bag. The extra cardboard from the top cover of the box should prevent the keyboard from minor knocks.

As for accessories, there is a 1.8 meter detachable USB-C cable, two sets of stickers, a quick start guide, and a palm rest.

With the keyboard out of the box, we can see it has a standard layout with a few extra membrane buttons towards both corners. The top is made from anodized aluminium with a sand paper-like texture. Some of the Cherry MX key switches are turned upside down in order to illuminate the fonts on the side of the keys. Take a look at the space bar and the function keys, and you will notice the fonts are closer towards the bottom.

With four rubber coated feet, the miniSTREAK can maintain a firm grip on a smooth surface. The bottom of the keyboard is made of plastic, and there is a cable routing channel for the detachable USB-C cable.

The USB-C cable is not braided as it is only rubberized. It does have a nice rubber strap that you can use to tie multiple cables together.

Let’s jump into the next section where we talk more about the features of this keyboard.


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