Fnatic miniSTREAK RGB Keyboard Review


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Fnatic OP Software

Like the Corsair Utility Engine, Razer Synapse, and Gamdias HERA software, Fnatic OP can manage multiple Fnatic gaming peripherals simultaneously. Once we have selected the miniSTREAK from the welcome screen, we are brought to the Profile tab where we can select between four different profiles and view the Device Info.

There are a total of eight lighting effects that should be familiar to many users. These lighting effects can also be accessed through the keyboard using the Fn+F5 buttons. We are able to customize our own lighting theme under the Colour Editor option by adding groups and selecting from individual to multiple keys.

Under the Key Binding tab, we can reassign any key to other functions. We can assign keys to open different programs or store complicated macro functions.

In the Macro tab, we can create macro functions and assign them to different keys. We can add, delete, or extend the keys to fine tune our macro. The program only captures the keyboard keys, not the mouse buttons.

By default, Competition Mode disables the windows key, lighting configuration mode, and macro recording mode. It also dims the brightness of the keyboard to 25% and relieves the F-keys of any original shortcuts or hotkey actions, such as profile switching. The software does allow us to make changes to the static color, so it can be any color we choose even at full brightness.

In the next section, we will take a look at the performance of the miniSTREAK keyboard.


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