Fnatic miniSTREAK RGB Keyboard Review


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Testing N-Key Rollover and Lighting


As expected, the Cherry MX Brown switches on the miniSTREAK performed well and registered all of my key strokes. The tactile bump was enough to allow me to know exactly when the key registered, and they were not as loud as Cherry MX Blue switches.

In terms of gaming performance, this keyboard performed very well. I did not experience any response issues with the miniSTREAK, and I expected that with a keyboard using Cherry MX switches with a 1000 Hz report rate. Most gaming keyboards come with mechanical switches and a 1000 Hz report rate, so they should perform pretty much the same. They get their switches from the same providers (Cherry to Cherry, Kailh to Kailh, etc), so the only factors setting them apart would be software support and the build quality of the body.

Like most premium gaming keyboards, the miniSTREAK came with a detachable wrist rest for added comfort. This could reduce fatigue in the wrist by allowing the fingers to rest more naturally on the keyboard. I found the soft texture to be more comfortable than just a plastic wrist rest, and many users would be thankful to have the three levels of adjustment for accommodating different sized hands.

RGB Lighting Accuracy

Replicating a pure white color can be difficult for some RGB peripherals. When it came to color reproduction, the miniSTREAK did well compared to some of the previous RGB keyboards I have tested. Although it was not as bright and accurate as the Gamdias Hermes RGB or the Roccat Suora FX, the miniSTREAK produced colors almost identical to Corsair keyboards. Whites were a bit different on the miniSTREAK as they had a slight purple tint. On Corsair keyboards, whites were more on the warmer side.

Putting this keyboard next to the Corsair K65 RGB with Cherry MX Speed switches, the color reproduction was nearly identical. Whites were a bit warmer on the K65 RGB, but they were a bit purple on the miniSTREAK. The LEDs did not bleed out colors like what was seen on the Corsair K65 RGB, which was surprising to me since they share a clear switch housing. Like the K65 RGB, the LEDs on the miniSTREAK were mounted beneath the switch housing and pointed upwards through a somewhat foggy lens.

To customize the color to the signature plate in the OP software, you must set the Base Colour to whatever color you choose. As for the concept behind the signature plate, some may argue that no one would see it since it is located behind the keyboard.

We will end this review with my final thoughts and conclusion in the next section.


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