Fnatic STREAK Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Fnatic STREAK: Detailed Features

Taking a closer look at the STREAK, the secondary functions for the F1-F4 keys serve as the first four macro buttons. The function numbers are printed onto the side of the key caps with the Cherry MX switch flipped upside down. This allows a good amount of light to come through the top and side fonts.

The F5 and F6 keys are the other two macro keys, while F7 and F8 control lighting effects and brightness.

F9 serves as the window preview button (same as windows key + tab), while F10-F12 are the media control buttons.

Towards the top right of the keyboard, we have three membrane buttons for microphone mute, competition mode, and a volume mute button. Further towards the right is the volume rocker for sound level adjustment. Adjusting the volume rocker one click will adjust the volume in steps of four.

The wrist rest does have a feature that allows it to adjust closer in or further out to the keyboard. There are three settings to choose from, making the wrist rest easier for smaller to larger hands.

In the event where the keyboard stops responding, there is a reset button behind one of the rear feet.

The USB pass-through port is located towards the left side of the keyboard at the rear. This is perfect for connecting a wired mouse, a wireless receiver, and more.

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