Fnatic Asphalt & Focus 2 Mouse Mat Review


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Asphalt and Focus 2 M: Overview

The Asphalt mouse mat is available on the Fnatic website for €19.99 (Fnatic). Taking a look at the packaging, it looks rather primitive with just a few stickers around the cylinder-like tube.

The Focus 2 M sells for an affordable $9.99 (Best Buy) and comes in a retail box with its features and specifications listed around it. We can also see from the size indication that we have the M version.

Taking a look at the Asphalt mouse mat, it has the company name in the corner with the company logo as the main decal with an orange and blue theme. The corners would need some time to flatten out because it is packaged differently compared to the Focus 2 M.

The Focus 2 M skips all of the fancy designs with only the company name in the corner. Its cloth material is very similar to the Asphalt making both mouse pads suitable for both laser and optical sensors.

Both mouse mats share a similar bottom grip design and had no trouble gripping the table.

In the next section, we will test these mouse mats to see how well they perform using different types of gaming mice.


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