Fnatic Asphalt & Focus 2 Mouse Mat Review


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Both mouse mats had a very similar design that provided great tracking performance for different sized mice with different sensors. The Logitech G Pro was a smaller sized mouse and had no trouble moving around without hitting the edges. The modified PMW 3360 optical sensor (3366) tracked perfectly fine without any evidence of skipping. Gliding around was very smooth because the surface did not catch onto the Teflon feet of the mouse.

Even for a larger mice like the ASUS ROG Spatha, both mouse mats provided adequate room to move around, but a bit more space could have been better. The ADNS 9800 laser sensor tracked beautifully on the cloth surface even at very low movement speeds.

As for a medium-sized mouse, both mouse mats had no problems accommodating the Clutch 2 gaming mouse with its PMW 3360 optical sensor. It tracked very smoothly and accurately just like the smaller Logitech G Pro.

Although the bottom rubberized grips were not exactly the same, the two mouse mats provided enough grip without moving around too much. I found that the Focus 2 M had a slightly better grip than the Asphalt. Taking a closer look at the side of the two mouse mats, the Asphalt had a softer material than the spongy texture on the Focus 2 M. This did not affect the way the mice performed.

Let’s end this review with my final thoughts and a conclusion in the next section.


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