Fnatic Asphalt & Focus 2 Mouse Mat Review


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Final Thoughts

The Asphalt and Focus 2 M are both affordable mouse mats that are capable of lasting quite some time. Their soft cloth material is smooth and provides great tracking performance without any noticeable tracking issues. During heavy gaming sessions, the mouse mats stayed stationary thanks to the non-slip grip surface, but I did notice the grip to be better on the Focus 2 M. The Focus 2 does come in three other variants if you prefer a larger mouse mat.


In terms of performance, the Asphalt and Focus 2 M provided great tracking performance for both laser and optical sensors. The cloth material is soft to the touch, which provides smooth tracking without any drag or performance issues.

As for the Focus 2 mouse mats, they all come in black without any sort of fancy designs. I personally like this just because black matches well with most setups, especially if we consider the many RGB peripherals in today’s market. The Asphalt does have an orange and blue theme, but the design does not look too overdone.

For the price, I do not expect the best out of these two mouse mats when it comes to construction. Although they are both made of cloth, they should not have any issues holding up over time. Sugary drinks and water may cause damage to the material, so just be sure not to spill anything on the mats if you plan on keeping them a long time.

As of September 2018, the Focus 2 M currently sells for $9.99 (Best Buy), and the Asphalt is available on the Fnatic website for €19.99 (Fnatic). As mentioned earlier, the Focus 2 does come in three larger sizes but at a premium price. If you are in the market for something simple that gets to the point, the Focus 2 M is a great and affordable mouse mat. The Asphalt, although it may not match every setup, should appeal more to the die-hard Fnatic fans.

Pros: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award Logo (Small)

+ Great value
+ Smooth cloth surface
+ Great for optical and laser gaming mice
+ Focus 2 is available in M, L, SQR, and Desk sizes


– Asphalt mat needed time to flatten out due to packaging


  • Performance: 9.75
  • Appearance: 9.25
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 9.75
  • Value: 9.25

Final Score: 9.40 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.



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