Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse Review


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Testing and Results

Sensor Tracking Performance and Polling Rate

As expected, the G502 HERO performed very well and was able to handle very fast flicks across the surface thanks to the HERO optical sensor. No acceleration was present during testing and the average polling rate was around 1000 Hz as advertised. Lift-off distance was at a comfortable distance for gaming. At 2000 DPI, sensor performance was almost identical to the 3360 optical sensor, and it was difficult to tell the difference especially for the average gamer.

Because it maintained the same body shape and design as its predecessor, the G502 HERO was a very comfortable mouse to grip. Built specifically for right-handed users, the G502 was easy to control even with all of the weights inside the mouse. The weights surrounded the HERO sensor, giving the mouse a balanced center of gravity for the best possible tracking performance.

As for the sensor, Logitech built the HERO sensor from the ground up, so it is not based off of the popular 3360 optical sensor. The HERO sensor promises to provide no acceleration, smoothing, or filtering for the best possible response and precision while saving 10 times more power over the previous Logitech G gaming mice.

During my time with the mouse, I played mostly at 2000 DPI since I have found that to be the most optimal for me. There are gamers who would prefer a low DPI of around 400… which sort of defeats the purpose of buying a mouse with a ridiculously high DPI.

There is a lot that goes into a topic like this; should you use a low DPI or a high DPI for gaming? I personally prefer something over 2000 DPI but nothing more than 3500 DPI for gaming. I can notice quite a bit of jittering with slow movements at a very low DPI, but the jitter was nonexistent at the 2000 DPI I am using now. But if you can pull off fancy moves and headshot every enemy that gets in your way, stick with whatever you have and be happy with it.

Button Response and Placement

The buttons were in the right locations and never interfered with any of my games. With the extra buttons beside the left click, I was able to reprogram these through the software and use them for productivity purposes. Overall button response was spot on, but I was not in favor of the loud scroll wheel.

Size Comparison with Other Mice

When it came to size, the G502 HERO was slightly smaller than the Fnatic Clutch 2, but larger than the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse. I preferred the body shape of the G502 HERO over the these other mice because it was easier to grip. The grip also easily accommodated a variety of hand sizes, which is probably one of the reasons why Logitech kept this body design for so long.

Let’s go into my final thoughts and end this review with my conclusion in the next section.


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