Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X ATX Case Review


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Enthoo Evolv X: Overview

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X has launched with the market price of $199.99 (Newegg | Amazon). Its accessories are nicely packaged inside a rather large but well-thought-out cardboard box.

Opening up the accessories box reveals a user manual on top of a few components each inside of their own foam bags.

When we take the contents out of the box, we find a nice plastic toolbox we normally see with the higher-end Phanteks cases. It includes plenty of mounting screws for the motherboard, storage devices, and the power supply unit. There is also a case badge, a GPU anti-sag bracket, a mount for the optional PCI-E x16 riser cable, top radiator airflow cover, a few zip ties, and four 3.5″ stackable HDD brackets.

Looking at the front of the case, we can see the Evolv X still maintains a very similar design compared to its predecessors. A few differences are the larger vents towards both sides and the absence of the power LED towards the bottom of the front panel.

On the rear, everything looks pretty similar with its 120/140 mm adjustable fan mount, seven expansion slots, and a power supply mount at the bottom. With the Evolv X, there are three additional vertical expansion mounts along with the capability to house a secondary ITX motherboard towards the top of the case for a secondary system.

On the main side of the case, the tempered glass side panel covers the entire surface. It is held on with two thumbscrews located behind the front panel along with two hinges towards the rear of the case. The tempered glass side panel swings out like a door, which is the same design as seen on its predecessors.

The opposite tempered glass side panel is slightly tinted and also swings out like the main panel. But the tint does not have to be too dark because the Evolv X has a nice trick to hide away the nasty cables.

One problem with the previous Evolv ATX case was the lack of airflow through the top of the case. With the Evolv X, Phanteks has improved the airflow by increasing the size of the top ventilation. Towards the front, there is only a single button for the power switch.

The bottom of the case does have some similarities to standard gaming cases, like a dust filter for the power supply. Towards the center of the case are the slots to mount the removable 3.5″ HDD cages.

Now that we have seen a quick look, let’s go ahead to show more about the features the Evolv X has to offer.


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