Shuttle Fanless Slim-PC DS47 Media Player Review

Shuttle Fanless Slim-PC DS47 Media Player Review

Shuttle is a well-known barebone and mini-PC manufacturer with offerings that are among the top for their market, both in quality and performance. One of their newly released models is the DS47 Shuttle describes as an ultra-slim, energy-efficient, full HD signage media player with many I/O ports. Its Intel Celeron dual-core processor provides HDMI and DVI-I output interfaces and supports dual-display functionality. The CPU’s low TDP allows it to be passively cooled, and the DS47 generally lacks any fans, which keeps its noise output to a minimum. The use of a clever internal design transfers all the heat to the top of the case, providing high cooling efficiency without the use of fans. Not only does the design produce no noise, but it also boosts reliability by minimizing the use of components with moving parts.

You only need an SSD or HDD and one or two RAM module(s) to operate the DS47. Given its affordable price, its total cost won’t break the bank. You might need to add the cost of an OS (Operating System) to the tally, but pick a free Linux distribution instead of Windows and you won’t even have to do that… at techPowerUp!

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