Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 aptX Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers Introduced

Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 aptX Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers Introduced

Modern, compact and lightweight, while providing room filling sound streamed seamlessly from any Bluetooth compatible device

Grace Digital Audio, a leader in wireless streaming audio solutions, announces the Bluetooth 4.0 Bookshelf Speakers (GDI-BTSP201). Grace Digital’s newest wireless home speakers provide full range, high-quality audio, delivering where portable Bluetooth speakers fall short. The GDI-BTSP201 delivers music the way artist intended it to be heard, in a sleek and stylish package, ideal for your personal living space. Available on Amazon.com for $199.99.

Using portable Bluetooth speakers made for the outdoors or personal listening does not deliver the power, sound quality and clarity that using designated in-home wireless stereo speakers provide. Grace’s Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0, pairing up to 8 devices 30 feet away.

Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 aptX Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers Introduced

“Our newest speakers were engineered to produce deep full bass (50 Hz) while providing true vocal sound reproduction,” says Grace Digital Audio CEO, Greg Fadul. “Unlike portable Bluetooth speakers, our bookshelf pair provides a room filling full range spectrum of sound with true stereo separation. While our speakers support CD quality aptX Bluetooth wireless audio, we understand that not all Bluetooth devices support the best codecs, so we support all Bluetooth smartphones or tablets wirelessly via standard SBC and AAC.”

Grace Digital’s Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers also add an elegant and modern touch to your home. Available in 3 colors (red, black and white) each speaker is crafted with a sleek leatherette casing that adds a touch of luxury to compliment any home décor.

Other features include:

Full Control of Music – In addition to using your smartphone or mobile device to play/pause, skip, rewind, change volume, etc. users can also access all commands using the full-featured control panel integrated into the top of the speaker.

Battery Charge – Lengthen the life of your smartphone battery, the GDI-BTSP201 includes a convenient USB jack on the speakers to charge your mobile device, while still keeping the tunes playing.

Don’t just listen to music…listen with Grace.

About Grace Digital Audio:

Based in San Diego, California, Grace Digital Audio provides a family of audio products with the highest levels of quality, support and US based customer service. From Wi-Fi music players and internet radios to indoor/outdoor wireless speakers, Grace provides audio solutions for every situation. Grace’s innovative iPhone & iPod Touch application allows users to control one or multiple Grace Wi-Fi music players with the touch of your finger. Grace sells its products through major retailers, ecommerce sites, dealers and distributors throughout North America. To learn more about Grace Digital products please visit them at www.gracedigital.com. aptXTM is a trademark of Cambridge Audio Silicon.

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