Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Game Review

Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Game Review

Grand Theft Auto V, the sequel to end all sequels, hyped to the max it has the fans, the haters and the protesters out in force. Rockstar North the developer behind the hit franchise know when they’ve got a good thing, and boy do they have a good thing.

Grand Theft Auto has evolved significantly since its first two incarnations which featured top down graphics. In 2001 a transition began and at the time this reviewer wasn’t sure just how the game would translate into a 3rd person 3D game world. Thankfully all doubts were demolished when GTA III arrived. This paved the way for a plethora of sequels and even a GTA-esque Western franchise. Now five years on since the last main installment (GTA IV) what have Rockstar North achieved? … at HardwareHeaven

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