Microlab MD312 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


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Closer Look: Microlab MD312 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Microlab MD312 is a great size for a Bluetooth portable speaker, since it allows for its use anywhere in the house and remains small enough to justify taking with you. In this section we will take a more in-depth look at the features of this device.

I’ve come to expect and appreciate the simplistic packaging that Microlab uses on its merchandise. It does exactly what it needs to do; it protects the item, yet informs the potential owner what features the product has to offer. Anything beyond that, well, we end up paying for as consumers.

Microlab MD312 Portable Speaker

The contents of the box includes the Microlab MD312, the charging adapter, a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable, a BL-5C 1000 mAh rechargeable battery, and the user manual. The 3.5 mm auxiliary cable could be a bit longer, and it would be nice to have a USB cable for charging the device.

Microlab MD312 Portable Speaker

It’s worth mentioning that the Microlab MD312 was outfitted with a BL-5C 1000 mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery, which is a great choice by Microlab. Some devices have built-in rechargeable batteries, which pretty much makes the entire unit disposable. Microlab provides a battery that can be replaced rather than forcing you to go shopping for a new Bluetooth speaker.

Microlab MD312 Portable Speaker

The controls on the front of the Microlab MD312 are pretty simple making the device very user-friendly, which makes it a great gift for even those technologically-challenged family member or friends. As you can see below, it has volume up, volume down, and a dual-function button for mute and Bluetooth pairing. There is a indicator light (not visible) above the Microlab logo. The following is a quick status guide regarding the aforementioned indicator lights:

  • Power on/off – Power ON- Blue light will blink slowly for 20 seconds searching for paired devices; after 20 seconds, it will start new pairing sequence for three minutes.
  • Aux in – When the auxiliary cable is in use, a green light will blink in five second intervals.
  • Bluetooth pairing – When Bluetooth pairing is initiated, a blue light will blink rapidly when searching for devices.
  • Successful pairing – When pairing is completed, a blue light will blink slowly for two seconds in five second intervals.
  • Volume adjust – A green light will come on when a volume button is depressed.
  • Battery charging – The light will be bright red when charging and will be dim when fully charged.

Microlab MD312 Portable Speaker

On the back of the Microlab MD312, you will find a number of different features. Starting at the top, you will notice an opening that works well as a carrying handle. Working our way down the backside, the next item is the battery door. Finally, at the bottom is the auxiliary port, the port for the charger, and the on/off button.

Microlab MD312 Portable Speaker

The entire bottom of the Microlab MD312 is covered by a rubber pad (not pictured), which keeps the speaker from slipping around on a table top or other smooth surface. This certainly works better than merely a few little rubber grommets. Now, it is time to move forward and see the results of the device’s testing phase.


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