Antec VP550F 550W Power Supply Review

Antec VP550F 550W Power Supply Review

Antec finally decided to release many new models, including one that belongs to the mainstream VP series. The fresh VP550F we will evaluate in this review is mostly for the budget-oriented user who isn’t willing to spend a fortune on a reliable PSU that will power their downloading- or office station. According to Antec, the VP550F is crafted for quality, performance, and incredible value. Given our experience with the VP550P in the past, we have absolutely no reason not to believe them, especially as the new VP unit is also made by the legendary Delta Electronics, one of the best and definitely the largest PSU manufacturer. Antec must be one of the very few companies that uses Delta-made PSUs in their mainstream lines as this OEM is pretty expensive; that said, Antec must have also managed to close on a good deal with them.

The VP550F doesn’t feature any useless bells and whistles. Its main focus is on delivering reliable and efficient power under all conditions. It is equipped with a 120 mm fan, has two +12V rails, since Antec is a strong supporter of multi-rail PSUs, and a complete protection circuitry that takes care not only of the PSU but also the supported system. The new VP550F will be an ideal choice for builders that don’t care about modular or fully sleeved cables and care about a good and reliable performance; that is, if it registers a good performance, especially given the unit’s affordable price. Our test sessions will give a clear picture of the VP550F on the aforementioned points, so let’s get started… at techPowerUp!