Silverstone NT01-Pro Heatsink Review

Silverstone NT01-Pro Heatsink Review

Silverstone’s NT01-Pro is a heatsink designed for small form factor cases or finicky situations where a standard tower heatsink just won’t fit. Really though, if you’ve got a SFF chassis, HTPC or a height restricted 4U rack mount case, the Silverstone NT01-Pro heatsink is going to be of particular interest.

The NT01-Pro heatsink ships without fans, though it is not meant to be run as a passive CPU cooler – the wide aluminum cooling fins are designed for a pair of 80mm or 70mm fans to be mounted to them. For the purposes of this Frostytech review we’ll be using two Silverstone Suscool 81 fans. The Suscool 81’s are 80x80x25mm fans, each comes with a thermistor that automatically regulates the impeller speed from a quiet 900RPM to 1750RPM depending on the sensed temperature (31°C to 60°C). These fans are rated for 28CFM airflow at full speed. Since the fans aren’t included with the NT01-Pro heatsink, we’ll leave it at that… at FrostyTech

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