Scythe Ashura Heatsink Review

Scythe Ashura Heatsink Review

The cooler specialists Scythe offers lots of models with an attractive price – performance ratio. The Ashura could set the tone again in this regard. The price looks, compared to other tower coolers with 140 mm fan like the Noctua NH- U14s, ever interesting from. When the size of two main thoughts of many users probably fall together. The larger surface area of the radiator can either quietly cool when the CPU’s heat is not too high, or overclocked copies help to acceptable temperatures. To achieve a balance, a hurdle and all users is you will never be able to satisfy. In the past Scythe used every now and then an enclosed potentiometer to vary the tension and help the fan to a higher speed range. The Ashura is not supplied with this little gimmick. Especially when trying to convince Scythe compatibility. Non fan rarely collide with adjacent RAM modules. This could bring additional Ashura sympathy points. But mainly are probably most interested in the relationship between cooling performance and noise level. What can the cooler? … at Planet3DNow

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