EVGA SuperNOVA P2 1000W Power Supply Review

EVGA SuperNOVA P2 1000W Power Supply Review

One of the most promising PSU OEMs today is Super Flower. Super Flower introduced their second generation high-end platform a while ago, and EVGA already utilized the Gold version of the aforementioned platform in their G2 line. Now offering a Platinum model based on Super Flower’s top version of the platform, the P2-1000 we are going to evaluate today offers upgraded components for Platinum efficiency and the option to operate semi-passively. The same option was cut from the feature list of the G2 line to lower production cost, and while the P2-1000 costs a little more than the G2s, cost wasn’t an issue this time around. We are pretty sure that many of you will happily fork over a little more for its Platinum efficiency, optional semi-passive operation, fully modular cabling design, and excellent performance. Combine all the above with its stunning ten year warranty and you have one of the most impressive PSU products that money can buy today. The P2-1000 undoubted has many aces up its sleeve so we had better get on with this review to reveal them all… at techPowerUp!

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