Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Computer Case Review

Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Computer Case Review

That the case of the Swedish manufacturer fractal design extremely popular, are seen also that they are found regularly in the top 10 of the comparison price comparison. Just in the last week of the three housing manufacturer were equally represented there. A secret may be that the Swedes put more emphasis on functionality rather than on extravagant design. Thus, all models are uniformly simple, without being boring. Only in the interior white interior relaxes on the image. For our test, we present the Arc Mini R2 looked at more closely. This is a mid-tower, almost a smaller version of the Arc Midi R2 , which was also already in our test. The mini R2 is a little smaller and only has room for motherboards in the uATX and Mini-iTX format, but can be installed in both the front and the lid radiators for water cooling. Furthermore, the small housing is equipped ex works with 3 fans, which are usually at fractal design on the quieter models. What still has to offer the Arc Mini R2 else, we will take on the following pages as usual closer look… at Planet3DNow

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