Antec High Current Gamer Modular 750W Power Supply Review

Antec High Current Gamer Modular 750W Power Supply Review

Antec’s High Current Gamer line was getting old and urgently needed new additions in order to keep up with the tough competition in the mid-PSU category. Antec thankfully decided to act, releasing several new modular units that look really interesting. With the new additions, the revamped HCG-M line consists of five units with capacities ranging from 400 W to 850 W, covering the most popular market segments and most user needs; but we think that a PSU with a capacity of 1 kW or more would really top the series off well.

All HCG-M units utilize 16-pin sockets to support two different 8-pin connectors along with 10-16 pin connectors in the future, making them, according to Antec, future proof if the need for new connectors emerges. The model that we will evaluate today is the HCG-750M. It is the second strongest of the series. Its characteristics look promising because it is equipped with Japanese capacitors and a double ball-bearing fan with LED lighting that can be toggled on/off, and the unit is also equipped with a full set of protections to ensure its safe and reliable operation under all conditions… at techPowerUp!

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