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Retiring PC and Starting Life with an Apple MacBook

It was time for a break-up and a fresh new start. It didn’t take much online research until my jaw dropped on the keyboard. My my my, how things had changed for Windows in the last four years. That amount of money before paying to install Microsoft Office? I wanted a career companion. Something I could whip out when an opportunity arose or a deadline called. Where was I going to find it?

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Light Idea: Getting More From Our Lamps

As Brick Tamland from Anchorman said, “I love Lamp.” When asked again if he was saying this just because he saw it, or if he really did love Lamp, Brick replied, “I love Lamp. I love Lamp.” This state of mind is one that is tied deeply into all of our consciousness’. Brick is merely a fictional character in a Hollywood movie regardless. We as humans have a natural pattern called the Circadian Rhythm. I am here to give my opinion on why you might love Lamp, what Lamps can do for you, and a few other interesting tidbits about how a simple Lamp can be the difference between a good day and a great day.

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How to Cheat eBay Sellers and Scam PayPal Buyer Protection

Opinion-Editorial Announcement

How to Cheat eBay Sellers and Scam PayPal Buyer Protection When eBay Buyer Protection is abused, PayPal punishes good sellers with bad policy. By Olin Coles Most people are familiar with eBay, the web community with an endless catalog of items ready and available for purchase from across the globe. Like many who browse the …

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Before PC and Console Games: The Video Arcade

Once upon a time, the only place you could play electronic video games and compete against friends was the video arcade. Simultaneously, home computers and video game consoles were starting to take root inside some privileged households, beginning the decades-long struggle for control over video game outlets. Video games would eventually propel PC and game console platforms into homes at the same rate arcades would close up shop. Based on recent sales and download figures, it seems that more people play games on their mobile phone than PCs, game consoles, and arcades combined. Still, they will always lack the thrill that comes with a personal appearance to the local arcade.

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