QNAP Security Releases VMobile 2.0 App

QNAP Security Releases VMobile 2.0 App

Enhances Remote Surveillance Experience

By QNAP Security

QNAP® Security, a professional Linux-based stand-alone NVR provider, today announced the release of upgraded VMobile 2.0 mobile app. The new version improves the user interface, adds profile management for monitoring views, share button for instant event handling, and supports quick search and multi-stream options for live view, greatly improving the ease of use and operation efficiency for surveillance management.

“Many of our users commented that the VMobile app plays an important role in helping take instant responses of surveillance tasks while they are on the go,” said Andrew Yu, product manager of QNAP Security. “We added more features to the VMobile 2.0 to improve user interface and provide utmost assistance as a highly-responsive mobile surveillance solution.”

QNAP Security Releases VMobile 2.0 App

The VMobile 2.0 improves the user interface, providing an overview of application flow at the first-time installation. It automatically searches the available VioStor NVR units within the LAN so that users do not need to memorize the IP addresses of the NVR units. It also enables users to create multiple profiles with different sets of VioStor NVR and IP cameras, increasing efficiency of switching between different monitoring views by just selecting from the profile list.

Moreover, new functions of the VMobile 2.0 include quick search for IP cameras, multi-stream support, and share button for instant live view image. Users can search the name of specific IP camera to quickly find and show the live view. Besides, users can choose from multiple streaming formats, and view the high resolution videos with their mobile devices (depends on camera model). The newly supported share button provides event notification or publishing when incidents or interesting events happen. If users monitor any incident happens through the live-view, they can click the share button to notify security guards via email or SMS. Alternatively, users can share instant snapshots of interesting events to other applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or LINE.

“We believe that the new enhancements and versatile functions will effectively benefit users for remote surveillance management on the go in terms of operation flexibility,” added Yu.


The VMobile 2.0 app is available for Android mobile devices on Google Play websitehttp://goo.gl/W6LMk.

For more information about VioStor NVR, visit www.qnapsecurity.com. Watch the NVR introduction film at http://www.qnapsecurity.com/App_Video05.asp.

About QNAP Security

QNAP Security, the world’s first Linux-embedded NVR developer has implemented its award winning storage and RAID technologies to offer its most innovative local display standalone NVR. The system not only ensures remarkable stability on remote monitoring, recording, and surveillance tasks under diverse environments but also renders great simplicity. In addition, the QNAP solution allows users to choose suitable network cameras for various situations instead of being restricted to the resolution of traditional CCTV. For more information about VioStor NVRs, please visitwww.qnapsecurity.com.