MSI WS60 2OJ Ultra-Thin Workstation Laptop Introduced

MSI WS60 2OJ Ultra-Thin Workstation Laptop Introduced

MSI today announced new ultra portable workstation -WS60 2OJ. WS60 is a perfect mix and match of power and portability, with surprisingly light weight 1.9 kg and only 19.9 mm thin. WS60 uses high-quality materials mesh well with the simple curves to make this great-looking laptop, an Intel Core i7 processor, an Nvidia Quadro graphics card K2100M, and Intel Thunderbolt 2 interface are selected. This product is for all M&E (Multimedia & Entertainment) designers and CAD CAM engineers who want serious processing power on the go.

MSI WS60 2OJ Ultra-Thin Workstation Laptop Introduced

Powerful and Efficient for Professionals

WS60 2OJ is a 15.6 inch model that has an Ultrabook-sized chassis, and deliver with all workstation needed features, which are:

– Improving rendering speed and real-time editing quality:

The latest generation CPU & GPU will definitely helps! WS60 equipped with Intel 4th Generation Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz processor, NVIDIA Kepler Quadro K2100M GDDR5 2GB graphics card happen to be the most essential feature of workstations.

– High speed data transferring rate:

WS60 built-in Intel Thunderbolt™ 2 technology. It’s a dual protocol I/O innovation that dramatically increases transfer performance with bi-directional 10 Gbps speed. Comparing to USB 3.0 is about 4 times faster, which also means can finish transferring ten HD videos within 3 minutes.

– Enhancing read & write speed of large image files and videos:

MSI SuperRAID puts 2 SSD slots and 1 HDD storage space in one design, increased read/write speed up to 1000 MB/s. SuperRAID dramatically saves professionals’ daily workload while editing, composing, checking up files.

– Stable and sturdy for long time use:

MSI exclusive Cooler Boost 2, designed for maximum efficiency, the dual fan thermal cooling maintains a constant cool temperature during intense and long design process. MSI knows that workstation professionals often work long hours in front of their computers; therefore, a professional-level-tested, extremely accurate keyboard can be really helpful.

– Increasing productivity:

WS60 2OJ equipped high resolution 3K IPS Panel (2880 x 1620) takes your image editing experience to new levels, which goes alongside the wide viewing angle, which providing post production editors, graphic designers a higher saturation, more accurate and vivid colors. The MSI Matrix Display connects up to 2 external monitors and transforms your notebook into the ultimate multi-tasking station.

– Travel-friendly, User-friendly:

Without struggling to memorize different graphic design software shortcuts, through MSI Shortcut Manager can combine command keys into one single key; easily work faster. The most important of all, if professionals want to run design or modelling software and don’t want to carry bulky notebooks around, WS60 is the best choice. WS60 weighs only 1.9 kg, compact but features an Ethernet LAN port and deliver with a slim type adaptor, which is greatly appreciated by all-round professionals.

All of which leads us to the conclusion that the MSI WS60 brings much more values to demanding professionals than its rivals. Designers who work in video editing, CAD (computer-aided design), BIM (Building Information Modeling) now has a perfect choice to work effectively and efficiently.