Plextor PX-256M6S 256GB Solid State Drive Review

Plextor PX-256M6S 256GB Solid State Drive Review

While the M6S isn’t Plextor’s fastest or most feature packed SSD, it’s a great solution for the consumer looking to boost the performance of their existing desktop or notebook computer. Similar to what we saw with the M6M, the M6S combines Marvell’s 88SS9188 “Monet Lite” controller with Toshiba’s new Advanced 19nm (A19) Toggle Mode MLC NAND flash. The 88SS9188 has half the NAND flash channels as the 88SS9187 “Monet” controller found in the M5M and M5 Pro. However, thanks to a custom firmware, the M6S is still able to deliver a fast, responsive computing experience. In our sequential read and write tests, the PX-256M6S was able to read at speeds as high as 523 MB/s and write at speeds in excess of 432 MB/s. It also did reasonably well in our random write tests, producing more than 61,000 IOPS at low queue depths. Increasing the queue depth did lead to better results. However, the PX-256M6S still had a hard time keeping up with drives like the Samsung 840 EVO… at CDRLabs

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