ZENS PuK Wireless Charger Introduced

ZENS PuK Wireless Charger Introduced

Comfort and user-friendliness with integrated wireless charging – Suitable for all types of infrastructures

ZENS, developer of innovative wireless charging solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent consumer requirements, gives your working or living environment extra appeal with the ZENS PuK wireless charger that is integrated into your furniture, whether a desk, a bedside table or another piece of furniture. With this new addition to its product portfolio ZENS, market leader in the field of wireless charging, is introducing comfort and user-friendliness into the working and living environment.

ZENS PuK Wireless Charger Introduced

With the fast growing demand for power and charging everywhere you are and everywhere you go, the ZENS PuK wireless charger is developed for use around to globe in innovative and sustainable offices, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, stores and home environments. Some examples of applications include desks, counters and bedside tables. The advantages are obvious: the built-in/built-on mobile phone charger eliminates fussing with wires and plugs. You simply place the telephone upon the charging point, where it is recharged without the use of an adapter. Simple and efficient.

The ZENS PuKcan be built into your furniture in two different ways. Whether you choose to adapt an existing piece of furniture or to acquire a completely new piece, the universal ZENS PuK offers an efficient charging solution either way.


In an existing piece of furniture, a hole is made from above, in which the charger is placed. The hole is then covered with a disc that also serves to indicate the position of the charging point. This covered disc can be designed to meet your house-style, or any other style you desire.


With new furniture, a hole is made from below. The charger is then installed in such a way that makes extra drilling, screws oradhesive redundant. The charger will be invisible from the top and, therefore, does not affect the appearance of the furniture. If necessary of desired, the charging point can be indicated by means of a subtle sticker or imprint on the furniture.

Large charging area

The ZENS PuK is equipped with seven induction coils that continually detect the device’s signal; this means that the device doesn’t have to be placed exactly in the right position, but can be freely positioned wherever you like. Thanks to the many induction coils, the ZENS PuK offers the largest positioning area in wireless charging available on the market today and, as a result, it offers the most user-friendly charging experience.


The ZENS PuK incorporates the latest FOD software (Foreign Object Detection), ensuring automatic shutdown in the event metal is placed between the Qi smartphone and the charger.

The ZENS PuK charger offers the lowest thermal performance possible and is one of the most efficient Qi chargers available today. The product is made of one piece of aluminum, giving strength to the table top. In addition, it is made to withstand water, coffee or other liquids spills. As the ZENS PuK does not contain magnets, the user need not be concerned about leaving credit cards in the phone’s flip case while charging.


Currently, over 500 products are Qi-certified, including Google Nexus 4/5/7, Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930, LG G3 and theSamsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 (with optional Qi receiving case). The new smart watch of Motorola, Moto360, also supports Qi wireless charging. All these products are a perfect fit with any ZENS wireless charging product, offering charging convenience and making an end to messy, tangled wires.

About ZENS

ZENS is a young and innovative company, established in 2011 right at the heart of Europe’s technology region: Eindhoven, where revolutionary products and technologies (e.g. CD, Blu-ray etc.) were developed. ZENS focuses on the development, production and marketing of products that not only make sense, but also make life easy for consumers. Recognizing the potential of induction charging, ZENS fully supports the Qi standard and is the first company in Europe to market a series of wireless charging solutions based on this standard. Innovation and design are key in all of ZENS’ products.