Netis Beacon AC1200 Gaming Router Introduced

Netis Beacon AC1200 Gaming Router Introduced

A Revolutionary Gaming Router with Bandwidth Management – Take Gaming to the Next Level, The Beacon AC1200 Gaming Router Offers Innovative Network Solutions by Providing Gamers with a Complete Liberating Online Experience

Netis-Systems, a California-based technology company that focuses on delivering groundbreaking networking products, rolled out a new gaming router, offering industry leading performance to manage bandwidth activities.

Netis Beacon AC1200 Gaming Router Introduced

The new gaming router – Beacon AC1200, provides gamers with a fast and convenient way to allocate a set amount of bandwidth based on gaming requirements of that particular online game. Unlike other QoS gaming routers in the market which only allow gamers to change the bandwidth from a fixed list of games recognized by system, the Beacon AC1200 dedicates to gamers a pre-installed software that allows them to add or modify the bandwidth of any online game. For the first time, gamers can enjoy playing any online game with a secured network speed instead of getting interrupted by the network activities from other applications such as video streaming or web browsing. In addition, this product’s QoS has a memory function which eliminates the need of repetition to prioritize different applications and guarantee the level of performance in terms of data flow. What’s more exciting is that not only this router allows its users to control the desired bandwidth for online games, but also it grants them the total freedom of bandwidth control over other online activities such as video and website streaming. Unlike most other gaming routers, the Beacon AC1200 has four antennas which extend the wireless signal to an additional 20-30% range. This model will be available in red with an attractive MSRP $99.99.


NETIS SYSTEMS is a part of the NETCORE Group, headquartered in Shenzhen China founded in 2000. NETIS SYSTEMS is the networking product and IT solution provider with state-of-the-art technology, outstanding product quality and satisfying customer service, The NETIS SYSTEMS product line included wireless routers, wireless adapters, switches, DSL routers, network adapters and IP camera which are evolving into products that relate to storage, security, multimedia and other new technology. Our goal is bring the product and technology into our value customer’s daily life and share the joy with them.