Powercolor Devil HD 7870 Graphics Card Review

Powercolor Devil HD 7870 Graphics Card Review

The Devil is the first card in this round of comparisons to hit a 1300+MHz core clock stably. For an almost 19% boost in clock speed, the effort is worth the time commitment to grab that extra free performance. To help you out in that endeavor, PowerColor has its own overclocking utility called Powerup Tuner that is fully functional and features a Devil series skin to add some continuity to the branding. For the most part this utility does everything you will need it to with one exception for me; the maximum voltage that could be applied was in the 1.285v range while other utilities would allow 1.30v. Not a major faux pas as I have seen much worse. It does give the user that is afraid of kicking up the voltage to high some sense of security… at OverclockersClub