Chamber Chiller Gun Barrel Cooling Fan Announced

Chamber Chiller Gun Barrel Cooling Fan Announced

30 NOVEMBER 2015 – Reno, NV: The firearms industry has been on fire in 2015, but it has also been a very hot year for outdoor shooters. For some, the competitive summer months caused equipment failures for shooters trying to push their rifle and cartridge to the mechanical limits. When steel becomes overheated the barrel harmonics change: vibration increases, and accuracy diminishes. Overheating is a problem for plenty of shooters, because a hot barrel also contributes to increased throat erosion and pressure failures.

Chamber Chiller BETA-50 Rifle Barrel Cooler

Shooters want a cool barrel, so that wear is minimized and accuracy is consistent. Using a 3D printer and commercially available components, avid long-range shooter Olin Coles has developed a product he calls the “Chamber Chiller” gun barrel cooling device, a product which he claims can give shooters in hot weather an edge over their competition. Designed to fit into the cartridge chamber of most bolt action and semi-automatic rifles, Chamber Chiller reduces the time is needed for cooling-down a hot barrel.


The idea behind Chamber Chiller is simple: by blowing cool air through the gun barrel using a battery-powered ventilating system, the temperature of the chamber, where heat often sinks into the loaded cartridge causing higher pressure, can be reduced to a safe level. The Chamber Chiller barrel cooling device uses its high-output fan to force cool ambient air down the rifle barrel, allowing for quicker recovery to optimal operating temperature.

Chamber Chiller is expected to first become available as a working prototype, with hand-built samples available to shooters as soon as Q2-2016. Visit www.gunwarrior.com for more updates.