MasterKeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard Review

By Julian Duque

Manufacturer: Cooler Master Technology Inc.
Product Name: MasterKeys Pro L Keyboard
Model Number: SGK-6020-KKCR1-US
UPC: 884102027468 EAN: 4719512049433
Price As Tested: $169.99 MSRP

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Cooler Master.

Back in 2011 when Cooler Master introduced their Quick Fire line of keyboards, I was a bit skeptical about their success in the already crowded mechanical keyboard market. Four years later, it could be argued that I was proven wrong, most notably by the wide arrange of models that are available on their website that are displayed as a symbol of how successful the Cooler Master brand is within the mech market. Although the company owes much of this success to the Quick Fire line, today’s release seems to be the beginning of something new with the introduction of the MasterKeys Pro S and MasterKeys Pro L RGB mechanical keyboards.


Let’s be honest, Cooler Master is late to the party with many other companies already offering mechanical keyboards featuring Cherry MX RGB switches. But, they have a good excuse. There have been many complains about the lack of brightness found in other RGB keyboards featuring Cherry MX RGB switchess. Cooler Master seems to have solved this issue by modifying the printed circuit board with small cutouts to allow for the LED’s sit closer to the switches.


Innovation aside, Cooler Master surely means to make the MasterKeys Pro a popular choice by including what we have already gone accostumed to in their top of the line keyboards such as multiple lighting modes that allow you to customize the lighting without the use of software, the reliability of Cherry MX switches, on the fly macro and profile support, and a detachable braided cable which is more suitable for the S model featuring a tenkeyless layout allowing for easy transfer.

Features & Specifications

Switches:  CHERRY SWITCH (Red / Brown / Blue)
MCU: ARM Cortex M3 with 72Mhz
LEDS: RGB SMT, Three LED Drive, 12 PWM each
Response Rate: 1000Hz
Repeat Rate: Four levels 1X / 2X / 4X / 8X
N-Key and 6-Key Rollover Supported
Anti-Ghosting: Supported
Layout: Full-Key



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