AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair Review

AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair Review

Gaming keyboards, mice and headsets will always “own” a large percentage of the peripherals market but how many of you knew that currently gaming chairs are actually competing with those product categories in sales? Well there’s really no way for us to know which models (price-range) are more popular among consumers/gamers but numbers (both in terms of sales and availability by old and new manufacturers) clearly show that people who spend many hours playing games or even typing are finally taking seriously health issues with their backs. Granted not every single gaming chair out in the market provides good neck and lumbar support and quite honestly some are below average in terms of build quality but racing models like the Nitro by AK Racing which we reviewed in the past do extremely well in those areas. As expected AK Racing doesn’t stop the design and manufacture of new models but surprisingly enough they also update old ones and so today we’ll be taking a look at the Premium V2 Racing Chair… at NikKTech

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