Thermaltake Smart DPS G 750W Power Supply Unit Review

Thermaltake Smart DPS G 750W Power Supply Unit Review

Power supply units may not have advanced technologically as much as some other PC hardware components over the years but things have changed a lot compared to when i was growing up. For example i remember stopping by the largest PC hardware distributor where i live back in the late 90’s to pick up a newly released model and although back then the 8 different units available by a total of 3 manufacturers seemed like a lot to me today there are at least twenty times as many available from a very large number of manufacturers. Of course because of the vast number of available features and output capacities today having a large number of available models means that every single consumer out there is covered and that’s never a bad thing. Thermaltake recently released their Smart DPS G line of power supply units which allows the end user to monitor their current status and also gives access the current and overall power consumption levels via a computer and/or android/iOS compatible handheld devices. Well after testing the quite good 700W model today with us we have the 750W variant… at NikKTech

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