Which Online Tools Do I Need and Why?

Which Online Tools Do I Need, and Why?

Most of us don’t get as much as we could out of our PCs and laptops. I mean, we sit in front of them all day, but there are laborious processes we use that are very outdated. If you are unaware that there are tons of online tools to make your internet experience more streamlined, you’ve been missing out for far too long.

There are, in fact, too many tools out there if you take a trial and error approach. Firstly, you don’t need all of them. Secondly, some are superior to others. Which is why we have review sites such as Best Online Reviews which focuses on online tools in particular.

Here are some of the tools you did not know you needed:

Cloud storage (that does not come with your phone)

We all know about the cloud and, if you’re reading this, you probably use it on a daily basis. All smartphone providers have their own version of it. So why, you may ask, do we need to waste our time thinking about this?

Well, while Apple, Google, etc. all give you access to the cloud, there are many extra functions they don’t have.

First of all, there’s the safety aspect. You’re probably aware that a couple of years ago, Apple’s iCloud was hacked and nude pictures of celebrities were leaked. So, you may be looking for a more secure option.

Secondly, there’s the question of collaboration. Does your cloud provider give you tools to collaborate on work with your colleagues?

Of course, there’s the matter of your business to consider. Some cloud providers offer business plans that will revolutionize the way you work.

Password managers

Sick of forgetting your passwords, receiving links to new ones, forgetting the new ones, and constantly going through the struggle to get into your accounts?

There are plenty of online password managers that securely keep track of your passwords. “Secure” is the key word here – that’s the reason you needed a password in the first place.

This simple tool will save you a world of trouble, and allow you to forget your mother’s maiden name or your first pet!

Test and improve calls to action (CTA)

If you’re creating content or copy for your website or social media page, you need to know if your calls to action (CTA) will work.

On the market now are plenty of great online tools that do just that. Hello Bar is considered one of the best, but do some research on the options before making your choice.

Track who’s looking at your page

Every host allows you to see how many page views you are getting. But that is not necessarily the most relevant piece of information. What is more helpful is to know exactly who is viewing your page.

There are many online tools that will tell you where pageviews are coming from (in an online sense), where they are coming from (in terms of physical location), how many are from unique visitors, what their gender is, and more.

KISSMetrics is the most well-known of these, but it is not the only one. Check out online reviews and be sure to make use of one of these great tools.