The Influence of Diamonds in Modern Jewelry Technology

The Influence of Diamonds in Modern Jewelry Technology

By Julio Martinez for WP Diamonds

As icons of prestige, power and elegance, diamonds are very difficult to top. These precious stones have always been surrounded by an aura of mystique and beauty that has made them an important part of many different cultures from all over the world. For millennia, diamonds have been used mainly for decorative purposes as jewelry. For long they have been related with royalty and status because of their dazzling appearance and high cost. What you probably aren’t aware though, is that diamonds have had an enormous impact in technology and the development of new breakthroughs since the last century. Companies like WP Diamonds is known for covering this with more detail. WP Diamonds


Since the industrial age, the amazing strength and durability diamonds have been thoroughly exploited. Their properties have been applied to everything from drills to thermal conductors that are able to withstand extreme levels of heat and pressure. Diamonds themselves are very versatile and can be used in different ways: they can cut other materials directly, or as a grinder paste for other tools. In fact, jewelry crafters use diamond tools when shaping or creating pieces of jewelry.

However, over the last few decades, there has been lots of research centered towards applying the magical properties of diamonds in order to enhance and upgrade technology, and thus taking it to the next level. Chips that are encrusted with diamonds are currently in development for both computers and laptops. The diamond’s properties allow the devices to process massive amounts of information that would melt conventional chips in no time. Heat management in electronics has always been a strong concern for researchers, and it has been a limiting factor for many years now. These “diamond enhanced” chips and modules are not limited to the computer industry as research has been done with high end smart phones and mobile devices in mind.

Thanks to contemporary techniques, it is now possible to create artificial diamonds of different shapes and sizes. These artificial diamonds are virtually identical to natural diamonds, sharing most of the same properties and structure. Artificial diamonds are very important to industries that use them in many of their manufacturing processes. Using natural diamonds would be way too expensive in most cases.

Even though many researches done with diamonds are still at the experimental phase, experts assure us that they will be a key factor to the evolution of tomorrow’s technology. Some even argue that without the aid of diamonds, technology might hit a wall and advance at a much slower pace. You can take something for granted: diamonds will blow away many traditional limitations that our current technology is constrained to and will change our perception of what it is actually possible to achieve.

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