VIZIO SmartCast M65-E0 4K UHD HDR Display Review


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VIZIO SmartCast M65-E0 Overview

This article tests the 65″ VIZIO SmartCast model M65-E0, available for $999 (Amazon | Newegg | VIZIO). VIZIO’s 2017 M-Series Ultra HD 4K displays are available in the following size classes: 50″, 55″, 65″, 70″, and 75″. Unlike other brands who save the best features for their largest panels, VIZIO’s entire 2017 M-Series shares identical performance hardware features and connectivity options regardless of panel size-class.

VIZIO SmartCast M50-E1 UHD Display Front

VIZIO offers a large array of proprietary hardware features on the 2017 M-series displays. XLED Plus is VIZIO’s full-array local dimming backlight technology, which works together with VIZIO Xtreme Black Engine Plus that uses 32 local dimming zones to dynamically adapt brightness to the on-screen image for exceptionally deep black levels.

What is VIZIO Xtreme Black Engine Plus?

With the increased contrast in High Dynamic Range content, it is critical to use local dimming to optimize low black level and peak brightness. VIZIO’s M-Series features Xtreme Black Engine Plus with 32 local dimming zones for an incredible picture, accurately delivering peak brightness to highlights and deep black levels to shadow detail, enabling a wider and more dynamic range of luminance.

Edge-lit backlight designs, with their limited local dimming zones, cannot accurately adjust for highlights and shadow detail because the zones are too large – compromises need to be made between peak brightness and black level.

VIZIO SmartCast M50-E1 UHD Display Angle

The SmartCast M-Series leverages an 8-core high performance processor pairs with VIZIO’s Ultra Color Spectrum feature to render over 1-billion colors and produce vivid details that deliver lifelike picture clarity with its native 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 (2160p) resolution. VIZIO XHDR Plus extends the visual experience by enabling a wider range of contrast-revealing details, as well as support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 content.


All 2017 SmartCast M-Series home theater displays feature 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 LE wireless connectivity. There’s a host of analog and digital connections, which I explore in detail on the next page, but the VIZIO SmartCast M-series is primarily designed for cord-cutters as it parts ways with traditional coax input for cable or antenna. Also visible at the lower back are a pair of openings for the rear/bottom-firing 10W speakers.

VIZIO SmartCast M50-E1 UHD Display Side

On the 65″ VIZIO SmartCast M65-E0, the screen measures 65″ diagonally, while overall dimensions measure 57.59″W x 35.78″H x 10.87″D with steel support stands attached. The combined weight comes to 57.32 lbs with stands, and 55.33 lbs without. The wall-mounted dimensions are 57.59″W x 33.14″H x 2.51″D without stands.

In the next section, we examine the detailed features for the 2017 SmartCast M-Series home theater displays…


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