3 Must-Have Apps For Your 2017 Android Smartphone

The apps you need on a smartphone today are inevitably different from those you needed in the past. Some of the most useful apps from way back are now taken for granted as nothing more than a feature of the Android OS.

However, because Android gives you a lot of leeway in how you use your phone (one of the reasons Android fans won’t move over to Apple), there are still many apps that you’ll need to download for yourself.

What you need today is very much indicative to the state of technology as is. We have major security needs and more functionality for doing business, for example.

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With that in mind, these are the 3 types of apps you need on your Android device.

  1. Online Security

2017 has seen some of our biggest security concerns coming to life. The Equifax breach, in which 150 million Americans were exposed to possible identity theft, showed us just how fragile our security is. This was not even something users could avoid.

This does not mean that you should give up on security! No, even if you fear your data has already been leaked, that’s no reason to leave yourself exposed. Unfortunately, many of us are woefully unprotected against hackers.

To stay secure, you need an antivirus as well as an Android VPN. A VPN in particular will protect you from identity theft, one of the biggest threats to your livelihood and wellbeing in today’s world.

  1. Ebook Readers

There are still many people who do not understand how one could read a book on their phones. They love the smell and touch of a page. The screen is too small. And so on.

The truth is, the smell of a book is overrated. And even though it’s a small screen, you can make the font whatever size you like, which is more than you can say for a paper book, no matter how good it smells.

The Kindle or Kobo apps have excellent functionality. You can get definitions for words, translate the occasional foreign language sentence that authors sometimes like to bug you with. You can take your books everywhere and read them while you’re waiting. You can search within the book, make easily locatable highlights, have multiple bookmarks. There are just so many advantages, that it’s about time you switch over.

  1. GBoard

Okay, so this is not a type of app. But I’m not going to tell you that you need a keyboard app because the other options don’t live up to Google’s own offering. The GBoard app has swipe functionality, excellent predictions, Google search included (the results of which you can easily share), the ability to search emojis and gifs, an easy way to track your cursor back through the text you’ve written, and an attractive interface.

Strangely enough, Google released it on Apple phones before Android devices, and Apple users love it. To be fair, Apple’s native keyboard leaves much to be desired (even without the recent bug preventing people from using the word “I”). GBoard will change the way you type, use emojis and gifs, and communicate in general.