Fractal Design Meshify C-TG Tinted Glass Case Announced

Fractal Design Meshify C-TG Tinted Glass Case Announced

Fractal Design, leading designer and manufacturer of enthusiast PC cases and components, today announced two new additions to the popular Meshify C series high-airflow mid tower lineup.

The introduction of the Meshify C with dual solid side panels and Meshify C – TG with lightly tinted tempered glass gives users all new choices, both functional and aesthetic. These new all-solid and light tint TG versions complement the original Meshify C – Dark TG with dark tint TG to satisfy a wide range of stylistic preferences.

When performance is top priority and compromise is not an option, Meshify has you covered in style, now with three unique side panel configurations to choose from.

Fractal Design Meshify C-TG Tinted Glass Case Announced

Key features

• Streamlined high-airflow design

• Performance and capacity of a larger tower in a remarkably compact mid-tower size

• Newly designed angular mesh front panel maximizes air intake

• Lightly tinted Tempered Glass side panel offers users a clean and clear view of their components (Meshify C TG version only)

• Distinctive new styling with stealthy black-on-black aesthetic

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