HyperX Cloud Alpha Gold Gaming Headset Review


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HyperX Cloud Alpha Gold Gaming Headset Review

By Olin Coles

Manufacturer: Kingston Technology Corporation
Product Name: HyperX Limited Edition Cloud Alpha Gold Pro Gaming Headset
Model Number: HX-HSCA-GD (Gold) HX-HSCA-RD (Red)
UPC: 740617273281
Price As Tested: $99.99 (Amazon | Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Kingston Technology.

Once upon a time, gaming headsets were the simple combination of a short microphone to audio headphones. While music playback offered comparable sound quality, the finer attributes of a true gaming headset were lost. Over time, the microphone was tuned for voice recording while suppressing outside noise, and the headphone drivers were specially designed for directional sound present in video games. Well into its gold age, gaming headsets are truly the tool for serious eSports competitors by making game audio performance the primary requirement.

In this review for Benchmark Reviews, we test the Gold Limited Edition 3.5mm analog multi-platform HyperX Cloud Alpha pro gaming headset by Kingston Technology for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Featuring a dual chamber design that separates bass tones from mid level and highs, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gold headset promises more distinction and less distortion from gaming sounds. A detachable noise-cancelling microphone designed for Discord and TeamSpeak ensure easy integration without compatibility issues suffered from some headsets.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha Gold Edition Pro Gaming Headset Review Package Front

Cloud Alpha Features & Specifications

Courtesy Kingston Technology:

HyperX Cloud Alpha’s groundbreaking Dual Chamber Drivers design will give your audio more distinction and clarity by reducing the distortion. The dual chambers separate the bass from the mids and highs, allowing optimal tuning for cleaner, smoother sound. The Cloud Alpha headset builds upon HyperX’s foundation of signature award-winning comfort with premium memory foam, expanded headband and softer, more pliable leatherette. The durable aluminum frame can take the rigors of daily play, and per player request, Cloud Alpha also features a tough, detachable braided cable. The detachable noise-cancellation microphone is certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, ensuring you’ll have great team communication. It’s also multi-platform compatible with in-line audio controls, so serious gamers on PC, PS4, Xbox One and other platforms with a 3.5mm port will benefit from the bold sound of the Cloud Alpha evolution.

  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Signature Award-Winning HyperX comfort
  • Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband
  • Detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control
  • Detachable noise cancellation microphone
  • Discord and TeamSpeak Certified
  • Multi-platform compatibility


Driver: Custom dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
Type: Circumaural, closed back
Frequency response: 13Hz–27,000Hz
Impedance: 65 Ω
Sound pressure level: 98dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
T.H.D.: < 1%
Weight: 298g
Weight with mic & cable: 336g
Cable length and type: Detachable headset cable (1.3m) + PC extension cable (2m)
Connection: Detachable headset cable – 3.5mm plug (4 pole) + PC extension cable – 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs


Element: Electret condenser microphone
Polar pattern: Noise-cancelling
Frequency response: 50Hz-18,000Hz
Sensitivity: -43dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)


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