Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse Review


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Logitech G Hub Software

Like the Corsair Utility Engine and the Razer Synapse software, Logitech G Hub can manage multiple gaming peripherals simultaneously. Once the application is running, we are greeted with the home screen where it can display all of our G Hub supported peripherals.

Logitech LIGHTSYNC is a lighting technology that enables dynamic and customizable illumination that synchronizes to games, video, and music. Lighting on the device will adapt to a LIGHTSYNC supported game and display critical player information such as health, weapons, and other abilities. With multiple LIGHTSYNC compatible devices, we can sync lighting across the keyboard, mouse, and speakers for an enhanced gaming experience.

In the Assignments tab, we can reprogram each button to take on a different purpose. We can also assign macros, system keys, and functions to any button we choose.

The Sensitivity tab let’s us adjust report rate along with the DPI speeds.

When we go into the settings for the G502 HERO, we have a few options to choose from. We can also store up to three profiles on the mouse itself. Doing so will allow the lighting effects and key assignments to work without having the G Hub software running in the background.

In the next section, we will take a look at how the G502 HERO performs.


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