TRENDnet N150 Wireless Travel Router Released

TRENDnet N150 Wireless Travel Router Released

TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the availability of the N150 Wireless Travel Router, model TEW-714TRU, which is designed to share a single internet connection with multiple users while on the go. Video tour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8JR614-3rk

The TEW-714TRU comes in a compact form factor which plugs directly into an outlet. It has three replaceable electrical plugs – an America, European, and British style plug to accommodate electrical outlets in almost every location.

TRENDnet N150 Wireless Travel Router Released

Set the TEW-714TRU to Router Mode and plug in an Ethernet cable, with an internet connection, to convert a single wired internet connection into a wireless resource for all colleagues or family. To share a single wireless hotel (or other) internet connection, set the TEW-714TRU to WISP Mode and enter the provided Username and Password. The TEW-714TRU connects to the single access wireless network and shares it with all connected devices.

Share content with all connected devices by plugging in a USB flash or storage device into the convenient USB share port. Take advantage of the convenient changing port to charge a mobile device.

“The TEW-714TRU is designed to meet the needs of the road warrior,” said Sonny Su, technology director TRENDnet. “It plugs into outlets on every continent and offers handy USB share and charging ports.”

Additional Information Warranty:

3 year limited Product page: http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?prod=250_TEW-714TRU&cat=174

Pricing and Availability

TEW-714TRU availability: This month from online and retail partners
TEW-714TRU MSRP: $59.99

About TRENDnet

To learn more about and connect with TRENDnet, visit www.trendnet.com/company/, www.facebook.com/TRENDnet, www.twitter.com/trendnet, and www.youtube.com/Pixelpro80.