MSI R9 280X GAMING 3GB Video Card Review

MSI R9 280X GAMING 3GB Video Card Review

The R9 290 series will succeed the HD 7900 series in the product stack; R9 280 series succeeds the HD 7800 series, and R9 270 series succeeds the HD 7700 series. Since such an arbitrary product stack repositioning would create unreal price-performance increments at the price points the various HD 7000 series products launched at, AMD tweaked pricing a little, so there’s really a different, and equally valid way of looking at AMD’s new product stack, using price-points.

The Radeon R9 280X we have with us today is an interesting proposition for $299. It’s fundamentally identical to the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition from last year, but sells at a price that isn’t too far off from the $249.99, which the Radeon HD 7870 debuted at. Under the hood, the card is based on the same 28 nm “Tahiti” silicon that proved to be AMD’s workhorse performance-segment chip for the better part of the two years… at techPowerUp!

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