Leawo iTransfer Software Review


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Leawo iTransfer Software Review

By Aidan Moore

Manufacturer: Leawo
Product Name: iTransfer
Model Number: Version 1.4.0 (Build 1106)
Price As Tested: $14.95

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Leawo

Finding that old iPod you thought you’d lost last year is a pleasant surprise, but if you’d like to get some of those favorite songs back into iTunes, you are usually out of luck.  If you’ve lost the original material, those files are stuck on that old iPod. Moving media and apps between iTunes and devices such as an iPad or iPhone tend to be a one-way street. Once the content is stored on the device, Apple has made it difficult to get the material back into iTunes due to the content management system.

The Leawo iTransfer program is designed to allow files on a portable device to be moved back on to a PC. Once the files have been transferred to the PC, it is a simple matter to re-import them into iTunes. In this review, Benchmark Reviews will take a quick look at the Leawo iTransfer and find out if it’s worth the relatively modest price.

The iTransfer functions as an Apple device transfer utility that can backup files of all type on any Apple product to a Windows PC. The utility is provided to allow syncing or partial syncing with iTunes and other PC directories. Once the files have been transferred to the PC, the video and audio can be played on any Apple device, or further transcoded to allow playback on a wide range of video or audio devices.

The file transfer capability is not only limited to multimedia; applications and PDF files can also be transferred from the source device back to the PC .


Features & Specifications

  •  Transfer among Apple devices
  •  Backup videos, audio, apps, images, e-books
  •  Sort files with smart filter and file search
  •  Flexible data transfer
  •  Easy management of playlists


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