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Corsair Carbide 500D ATX Case Review

The ATX form factor is still with us more than 20 years after Intel finalized its specification in 1995. But other evolutionary pressures are affecting the design of the classic mid-tower computer case, such as the elimination of optical media and its 5.25″ drives; the move from 3.5″ hard drives to 2.5″ and m.2 storage, and of course the replacement of clear plastic side panels with the now almost mandatory tempered glass for enthusiast cases. Like most modern cases, the Corsair Carbide 500D Premium Mid-Tower Case eliminates 5.25″ drives, resulting in a blank front panel, but unlike some other cases we’ve reviewed, it uses the space thus freed to good effect, and makes some innovative design decisions along the way. Benchmark Reviews will evaluate and build a system in this case to let you know how well this new thinking works.

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