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Philips 276E8FJAB 27″ QHD LCD Monitor Introduced

Philips 276E8FJAB 27″ QHD LCD Monitor Introduced Vivid Colors in an Elegant Design   Today EPI, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips monitors, announces the new 276E8FJAB, a 27-inch Philips QHD LCD display with Philips’ Ultra Wide-Color Technology. This brilliant Crystalclear QHD display offers crisp images with the richest and most vivid colors …

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Lenovo ThinkVision LT3053p IPS LED-Backlit LCD Monitor Review

In the past year or so flat panel monitor prices have entered free-fall, with massive 27″ displays widely available for under $300. Given that, why would anyone even consider spending over $1,500 on a somewhat larger 30″ display? Lenovo has lent Benchmark Reviews one of their ThinkVision LT3053p units to review, so let’s see what all that extra money buys you.

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