CM Storm MECH Mechanical Keyboard Review


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CM Storm MECH Mechanical Keyboard Review

By Hank Tolman

Manufacturer: Cooler Master Ltd. Inc.
Product Name: CM Storm MECH
Model Number: SGK-7000-MBCM1-US (CHERRY MX Brown Switch)
UPC: 884102020100
Price As Tested: $159.99 (MSRP)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Cooler Master.

If you haven’t heard, yet, mechanical keyboards are making a comeback in a big way. Nearly every peripheral manufacturer out there has line of them. But why are we going back to mechanical keyboards, which were popular in the early days of computing and then fell out of style? Should you consider investing a mechanical keyboard? They are typically more expensive than what we might consider a normal, or common keyboard. In this article, Benchmark Reviews takes a look at one of Cooler Master’s CHERRY MX Brown Switch mechanical keyboards, the CM Storm MECH.

CM_Storm_MECH_Angle_1Membrane keyboards are the most common keyboards and you’ve probably used a membrane keyboard a lot. They come in many different styles and types and vary in the amount of tactile response and sound that they produce. But, while very inexpensive, membrane and hybrid keyboards suffer from short lifespans and can require full compression for actuation. Because each key doesn’t have a dedicated switch, you can suffer from ghosting if you depress multiple keys at once. You will also find that you can only press a certain number of keys if you are using a USB keyboard. Some keyboards have anti-ghosting technologies which limit the ability to use multiple keys even more.

The bottom line is that mechanical keyboards are most useful for people who type A LOT or gamers. Theoretically, since the keys on a mechanical keyboard don’t have to travel the entire distance before actuation, people who type a lot could see less finger fatigue and faster typing speeds using a mechanical keyboard. Depending on the distance between actuation and reset, gamers can jam keys over and over again much more quickly (useful for “double-taps” and for those games that want you to hit E over and over again to escape from a rear naked choke.)

Now that we have decided why you might consider moving to a mechanical keyboard, let’s get a closer look at the CM Storm MECH Mechanical Keyboard and what it has to offer.


Delivering the utmost quality in construction and features, the MECH mechanical keyboard includes a various selection of CHERRY MX switches and a powerful ARM based processor to run its Rapid Fire Engine. This helps the MECH take full advantage of its ability respond at high speeds to in game actions and record and edit not only macro keys, but profiles as well. MECH is equipped with the ability to store 5 easily accessible profiles while making up to 75 total macros available for multiple gaming needs.

Durable, Customizable Aluminum Cover

Built with a unique removable and customizable aluminum plate, MECH is the ultimate gamer’s mechanical keyboard. Whether it is providing that extra look of professionalism to your eSports team or matching your keyboard to your own style, MECH makes it simple to do. The included premium aluminum plate can be removed and replaced via a few screws.

Excellent Tactile Feedback

All mechanical CHERRY MX switches means 50 million+ keystrokes are guaranteed for every single key.

Light ‘Em Up

Full LED backlighting so you never miss your target, even in the dark.

Macro Keys

Store all commands on the keyboard in an easily accessible way with up to 5 profiles and 75 macros. Quickly switch between each profile for your favorite games seamlessly.

Built-in ARM Core 32 CPU (72MHz)

Quick response during gaming and powerful computing capabilities for recording/editing profiles and creating macros.

Integrated I/O HUB

2 Super Speed USB 3.0 ports for gaming gear or phone/tablet charging and audio/mic ports for cable management.

Detachable USB 3.0 cable

2 USB 3.0 Super Speed ports for Gaming Gear or Phone/Tablet charging.

Rugged handle for easy transportation


Model Number  SGK-7000-MBCM1-US (Brown Switch)
Key Switch  CHERRY MX Brown
N Key Rollover  64
Macro Key  15 in each profile
Profiles  5
Polling Rates  1000 Hz/1ms
Backlighting  All keys, 5 settings, 3 modes
Output  Dual USB 3.0 port and mini USB port for  charging
Windows Key Disable  Yes
Onboard Memory  128k bytes
Media Keys  Yes (via F keys)
USB Cable  Removable
Dimensions  553(L)x267(W)x43(H) mm
21.7(L)x10.5(W)x1.7(H) inch
Weight  1686 g / 3.71 lbs
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102020100: SGK-7000-MBCM1-US (Brown Switch)


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