SenseGiz FIND Bluetooth Tag Introduced

SenseGiz FIND Bluetooth Tag Introduced

SenseGiz Inc, a consumer electronic startup from San Francisco, California, into design and sales of smart consumer electronic products which add value to users every single day, introduce the SenseGiz FIND.

People have been misplacing and losing personal belongings for a long time. So to protect and track your priceless belongings, we have come with our first product, the SenseGiz FIND.

SenseGiz FIND Bluetooth Tag Introduced

The SenseGiz FIND is a lost & found Bluetooth based tag which can be used to track & find commonly misplaced/lost objects like keys, bags, pets etc. Comes with a replaceable battery which has a 6 months battery life. It is waterproof as well so you do not have to worry if it gets wet! This device comes with a phone protect mode as well, where in the FIND starts alarming you if you have misplaced your phone. Now isn’t that AMAZING! This feature is presently available only with the SenseGiz FIND. Lost Something? No More! Now just don’t find, #FLAUNT# on the go.

The SenseGiz FIND is available to pre-order now and is available in 6 vibrant colors. We will start shipping in February 2014. We have a product video at http://youtu.be/klYZesg68PA

The FIND interacts with a user friendly Android/iOS app, which can be freely downloaded from the Google Store and Apple Store once the products are launched. We have fully working prototypes of the product and the apps as well currently!

Now why is the FIND better than others???

1. Strong buzzer compared to others.
2. Waterproof.
3. Replaceable battery.
4. Can be hooked or stuck to any surface.
5. Three different modes of tracking. Active tracking Mode, Manual search mode and Phone protect Mode. It can prevent loss of your items as well as your phone!
6. Items can be shared with family and friends.
7. Multiple devices can be tracked at once.
8. Cheaper.
9. Support for both Android and iOS!

Please checkout www.sensegiz.com for more details!

About SenseGiz Inc.

Started by Mr. Abhishek Latthe & Mr. Apurva Shetty with a vision to establish SenseGiz Inc. as a leading brand in consumer electronics. Today SenseGiz Inc. consists of 10 dedicated professionals working in different areas of the company.

SenseGiz is exhibiting at Booth #74006 (Eureka Park), Venetian Level 1 at CES 2014, Las Vegas! Please feel free to drop by our booth for a trial of our products!

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