Penclic Corded D3, Wireless R3 and Bluetooth B3 Mice to be Unveiled at CES 2014

Penclic Corded D3, Wireless R3 and Bluetooth B3 Mice to be Unveiled at CES 2014

Ideal for Left-Handed Users. Pen-shaped mice featuring left and right buttons with scroll wheel conveniently placed on pen’s shaft making their debut in Las Vegas; South Hall, Booth #32017

Penclic, creator of ergonomically functional and sleekly designed computer accessories, releases the next generation of Penclic mice, including the Corded Mouse D3, Wireless Mouse R3 and Bluetooth Mouse B3. Penclic’s breakthrough mice continue to evolve in a category that hasn’t seen a true design change since the world was introduced to the computer mouse over 30 years ago. The new models feature a symmetrical design that enables both left and right-handed users to enjoy the Penclic experience. Meant to mirror the 2014 CES Innovations Award Honoree Bluetooth Mouse B2 in functionality and design, the next generation D3, R3 and B3 feature the same intuitive hand-grip that delivers the precision Penclic mice are known for.

Penclic Corded D3, Wireless R3 and Bluetooth B3 Mice to be Unveiled at CES 2014

Adding features that make the new generation compatible with left and right handed users, the D3, R3 and B3 have the scroll wheel located in the middle of the pen’s shaft. The scroll wheel also doubles as the middle click button, which not only eases the transition period when adjusting to this uniquely-designed, laser-focused alternative but also makes the mouse easier to operate for our “South Paws.”

As the Penclic line of products expands, the company continues to create ergonomically constructed computer accessories that promote a healthy lifestyle at the home office and workplace. Focusing on fine motor skills, Penclic mice allow you to use your fingers and the natural form of your hand for optimal comfort and a uniquely intuitive user experience. This helps to combat the pain associated with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that can result from traditional mouse use that involves using the bigger muscles in the shoulders and arms.

Utilizing fine motor skills while operating the lightweight Penclic mouse showcases its innate precision, making it the perfect companion for graphic designers and architects using CAD or design programs involving intricate detail. This is especially true in 3D modeling, as using left and right click at the same time is common in these applications and necessary in moving objects on the screen. With the two buttons located right on the shaft, it is comfortable and convenient to operate this way.

Not only do the Penclic products promote a healthy working position, they are also designed to minimize clutter and creative a more attractive workspace. Combine your Penclic mouse with the Wireless Mini Keyboard C2 in white or black and create the ultimate sleek and stylish desktop. No need for a mousepad as Penclic mice are able to glide across any surface in fluid, effortless strokes.

Product Specifications

DPI settings 800-1200-1600
USB Connection/Nano-reciver 2,4Ghz/ Bluetooth
B3, R3: AAA 1.2V NiMH Recharging battery (everyday use lasts approximately 2 months before charging is needed)
B3, R3: LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaline non-rechargeable battery can be used (but do not recharge)
B3, R3: Energy saving mode starts after 10 min, press left to activate.
B3, R3: Wireless and Bluetooth reach of 16 feet (corded version 1,4m cable)
D3 and R3 available in black, B3 available in white

The line of next generation mice and other products will be on display at the Penclic booth #32017 in South Hall during this year’s International CES, which runs January 7-10, 2014, in Las Vegas. Come by the Penclic booth and challenge yourself to “Step Outside the Mouse” and test the Penclic mice. Users can operate the mice firsthand and see why they are the answer for quick precision and increased productivity. Complete our challenge for a chance to take home a Penclic mouse of your very own.

The D3, R3 and B3 will be available for purchase in January 2014 at Amazon.com starting at $64.99. Media members interested in more information or CES appointments may contact PR representative Meghan Petchel at (305)374-4404 x 162 or [email protected]

About Penclic

Sweden-based Penclic AB is the creator of ergonomically functional and sleekly designed computer accessories that combine the latest technology with Scandinavian design to make work more productive, comfortable and efficient. Penclic’s innovative computer accessories are attuned to the ergonomic requirements of the body and act as extensions of our fingers and hands, allowing for laser-focused precision. Starting with the Penclic Mouse, their product line has grown to include the Penclic Mini Keyboard, Penclic Numpad and the Bluetooth Penclic Mouse. Offering an enlightened way of living, Penclic’s smart, simple and functional products provide the user with a unique experience without sacrificing quality. Available worldwide, visit www.penclic.se for more information.

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