ROCCAT Siru Ultra-thin Gaming Mousepad Released

ROCCAT Siru Ultra-thin Gaming Mousepad Released

Blade-thin gaming surface measures less than one millimeter, anchors to your desktop with non-slip backing

ROCCAT today announces the availability of its cutting-edge gaming mousepad: the Siru. The unique, blade-thin gaming surface is less than a millimeter thick, making it one of the thinnest mousepads ever created. The ultra-thin, single-layer Siru is comprised of a battle-ready, easy-to-clean top that provides high glide and outstanding control; and a reusable, non-slip backing that anchors to your desktop. The innovative design of the mousepad provides direct desktop feedback, allowing for exceptionally precise tracking and lightning-fast aim corrections.

ROCCAT Siru Ultra-thin Gaming Mousepad Released

Available in two stylish colors – Cryptic Blue and Pitch Black – the Siru is the perfect gaming companion of both laser and optical mice.


The Siru measures 13.35” x 9.84” x 0.01”, making it nearly invisible from the desktop surface. Its ultra-thin design allows the mouse to sit on the exact same level as your desktop, giving gamers a superb direct response that results in exceptionally true and precise tracking, and the ability to make rapid, accurate cursor corrections.


The custom developed Siru surface is built for speed, letting your mouse glide over it unopposed while enhancing your ability to accurately track your enemies. The Siru’s innovative surface has been field-tested with over 80 laser and optical mice for precise control to prevent under-and-over aim, making it as stylish as it is deadly.


The single-layer, blade-thin Siru makes no sacrifices when it comes to performance and grip. Crafted from the best materials, it features a reusable, non-slip backing that securely anchors to your desktop to guarantee a reliable, immovable surface that won’t drift when you go to war.

About ROCCAT Studios

Founded in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, ROCCAT Studios produces innovative, high-quality products for today’s ambitious computer gamer. Always operating in close collaboration with the gaming community, the company’s advanced input devices, headsets and accessories offer extreme precision, first-class ease-of-use and unique, eye-catching design. ROCCAT™ entered the scene with its Kone gaming mouse – a high-performance device that still ranks as one of the world’s premier gaming peripherals. A long list of international awards attests to the ingenious design and world-class quality of ROCCAT products.

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