Felix FlipStand iPad Case Unveiled

Felix FlipStand iPad Case Unveiled

A Minimal and Versatile Cover that Offers 22 Unique Viewing Angles

FlipStand mini also available for the iPad mini with 16 positions

By Felix via Max Borges Agency

Felix, a creator of clever, stylish, and fun accessories, created an iPad case that is just as versatile and adaptable as the iPad itself: FlipStand and FlipStand mini. This ergonomic case allows users to find the perfect angle needed to enjoy their device to its fullest potential while reading, browsing the Web, drafting emails, watching movies, chatting on FaceTime and much more. FlipStand boasts 22 unique positions, and FlipStand mini offers 16 angles to choose from.

Felix FlipStand iPad Case Unveiled

“FlipStand is a more streamlined version of our previously released FlipBookTM. It has the same innovative kickstand; but, it skips the cover giving users full access to their iPad at all times,” says Chris Michaud, CEO of Felix. “FlipStand will also protect your device during travel. Simply place the iPad face down into your FlipStand, and clip it in to securely defend the screen.”

Felix strives to bring simplicity into a complicated world with its line of mobile accessories. True to its promise, Felix developed FlipStand to make an easy switch between portrait and landscape positions depending on the user’s activity. Just slide the iPad out, flip it, and reposition it. It is as simple as that.

There’s nothing tricky about this case. To adjust to different viewing angles, the user simply lifts up on the iPad to position it in any of the 22 ridges which securely locks the device into place. When finished, release the kickstand and fold it flat to capture your iPad under the secure clip on the case.

FlipStand and FlipStand mini can match your personal style with two svelte finishes: classic black-on-black or stylish tan-on-white. It retails for $49.99 at www.felixbrand.com.

About Felix

Founded in 2012, Felix Brand LLC is a new kind of mobile accessories company with designers in Boston and Los Angeles. We’re in the business of bringing clever, stylish and fun ideas to life. Ideas that make technology easier to use. Most of our ideas are relatively simple. Simple is something we take seriously, actually. Because most of the best things in life aren’t complicated. They’re easy to use and they help you enjoy life.

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