bēm wireless speaker band Bluetooth Speaker Unveiled

bēm wireless speaker band Bluetooth Speaker Unveiled

A stylish and small wrist-worn Bluetooth speaker that lets you answer calls & listen to music anytime, anywhere

The speaker band from bēm wireless is a tiny, Bluetooth speaker that is worn on your wrist for easy access to your phone and favorite music no matter where life takes you. A stylish extension of your smartphone, this accessory is a safe and quick way to answer calls while driving or walking, and it’s a must-have item for busy people on-the-move. The speaker band is available for preorder for a limited time on www.prelaunch.com.

bēm wireless speaker band Bluetooth Speaker Unveiled

“We [bēm] wanted to create a fun, new twist on wearable gadgets, and our speaker band is a seamless fusion of fashion and technology. We received a lot of great feedback at the International Consumer Electronics Show, and now we’re thrilled to give our consumers a chance to preorder it on prelaunch.com,” says Bryan Katzel, Product Development manager for bēm wireless.

Powerful Speaker — The speaker band connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can play your favorite tunes anywhere.

Built-in Microphone – Users can answer their calls easily with the speaker band. It’s a safer alternative to fumbling around in your purse or pocket for your smartphone, especially while driving. The speaker band is compatible with most voice recognition apps, and users can enjoy up to six hours of talk time. A caller ID function allows you to screen your calls before picking up.

Show your Style – The speaker band is beautifully designed with a soft-touch wrist band for maximum comfort. Multi-function buttons are conveniently located on the side of the speaker band with play, pause, answer, skip, and reverse capabilities. Charge the speaker band via the micro-USB port located beneath the speaker. For the fashion-forward folks, the tiny Bluetooth speaker for your wrist comes in six fun colors: black, white, blue, red, gray and green.

The speaker band is available for preorder at www.prelaunch.com for $49.99.

About bēm wireless

bēm wireless is an innovator in consumer electronics, providing wireless solutions for everyone. By identifying user’s experiences, bēm makes it easy for its innovations to be integrated into their lives. bēm wireless is simply experienced.

Formed in 2012, bēm brings together entrepreneurial spirit and know-how plus the track record for successful engineering execution.

Beginning with the audio line, including the speaker trio, mobile speaker, outlet speaker and boom box, and quickly moving on to the development of video and a host of other lifestyle-enhancing products, bēm is tireless about keeping wireless portable, affordable and accessible.

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