Neptor NP056K Portable Battery Pack Released

Neptor NP056K Portable Battery Pack Released

Charge your devices in style with the NP056K Portable Battery Pack

Via Max Borges Agency

Technology isn’t always fun. The Neptor line has set out to change that. The first product, Neptor NP056K Portable Battery Pack, a lightweight dual-port battery charger, comes in five bright colors that compliment any style. The chargers are available at Staples and select Target stores.

Neptor NP056K Portable Battery Pack Released

The high quality lithium polymer battery delivers over 500+ recharges, providing superior value and long-lasting satisfaction for the user. An LED battery light indicator puts you in control of your energy usage to help you stay charged and ready, all the time. A rubber-enclosed, color matching micro USB cable offers wire protection and is tangle-free so users can connect without any hassle.

“We wanted to have fun with the line, so we began with the name: Neptor derives its name from the planet Neptune, which produces more energy than the sun,” said CEO of Eagle Tech Joan Wang. “The line itself shows a fresh and colorful side of technology while remaining affordable.”

Neptor NP560K comes in orange, red, purple, green and blue. Aside from Target, Staples, and other major retailers including Amazon and Best Buy, the NP056K can be purchased from their website, www.neptor.com, for $49.99.

About Neptor

Its name derives from the planet Neptune, which produces more energy than the sun. The Neptor line of portable battery packs provides you with incredibly convenient power and connectivity to your mobile devices. Whether it is being able to capture your favorite memories on camera, video chatting with friends and family across the world, or being able to find your way around a foreign city using a phone – we deliver fashionable battery packs so advanced that they just seem out of this world, to keep your earthly devices ready for action anywhere, everywhere.

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